Monday, March 23, 2020

Kansas City Church Of Scientology Helps Clear Cowtown with Cleaning Supplies

Whilst many might diss Xenu . . . Here's the Presser statement and a glimpse at one of many faith communities lending their support during a time of local struggle . . . Read more:

Church of Scientology Kansas City Extending Help to Community

Local Scientology Volunteer Ministers are helping the Justice and Dignity Center distribute concentrated disinfectant to Kansas City homes. A local business donated more than a ton of concentrated cleaning supplies to the Justice and Dignity Center. Volunteers are packaging the cleaning supplies, that arrived in 50-gallon drums, into 4-ounce containers.


Anonymous said...

This news greatly increases my thetan levels.

Anonymous said...

^^ LOL! Funny.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Serious question. Just what does Scientology believe?

Anonymous said...

^^^ you cant afford what they belive, its a A list thing, and a FF union thing, While the nasty man FF tells his slut hoe wife he is picking up a OT shift While out trying to fuck a teenager, his hoe wife after she is sick of his hero shit goes out and does some scientology shit to fill the void! who knew.