Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Championship Season: Weird

Stat game scriber considers passing play trends and other anomalies that might or might not be as important as the NFL trying to boost the fan base across the nation. Read more:

The NFL Was Weird Last Season

The 2019 NFL season will be remembered for a host of unusual storylines. Early in the season, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold came down with mononucleosis and missed the next three games to sickness and concerns about a swollen spleen.


  1. The really weird part was the Chiefs winning SB. It shouldn't have happened and the NFL is sitting around going WTF happened here.

  2. and yet it did and they rule while you drool. Weird.

  3. ^^^And yet you're the fool. Weird

  4. ^^and yet it's you and you blew. Weird.

  5. Craziest thing is- the Chiefs might have very well win their 3rd title in a row instead of their first. Had Mahomes been instituted in the 10th game of 2017, the league would have shit themselves dealing with it. 2018 was a 50/50 shot and perhaps kc really did get screwed on the encroach call. 2019 was no doubt. Mahomes should rule over 4 of next 7.


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