Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Kansas City Canned Cocktails Debut

Another pitch for a buzz from the "buy local crowd" with added convenience and, of course, the added risk of liver damage. Read more:

Fling is the Next Thing: Why Canned Cocktails are the Latest & Greatest

You're sitting on the backyard patio, about the flip the steaks. It's time for another refreshing adult beverage. You're too old to be playing beer pong, so no light beer for you. Hard seltzer doesn't have enough flavor-or booze-to scratch the itch. Why not crack open a... cocktail?


Anonymous said...

Nasty tasting things.

Anonymous said...

What happened to wine in a can?

Anonymous said...

Probably the same thing that happened to insightful & interesting comments on blogs.

Anonymous said...

I thought targeting minors was illegal?