Kansas City Campaign Season 2020 Exposes Local Generational Conflict

Juxtaposition and just a peek into one of the many ways middle-class white people hate themselves far more than the antipathy they imagine from everyone else simply trying to survive in a system rigged for the benefit of this quickly fading American consumer subculture . . .

Old School Rules?!?!

Metro's older voters, election volunteers don't appear deterred by coronavirus fears

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- While high voter turnout is routinely the goal for metro election officials, running a safe and clean polling place is suddenly of primary importance for Missouri's presidential primary on Tuesday. Health experts have stressed the importance of protecting older populations, with more compromised immune systems, during the coronavirus outbreak.

NextGen Opt Out

Many young voters choose to abstain during primary

Is voting important to young people? Considering that less than 20% of voters that cast a ballot on Super Tuesday were under the age of 30, the answer is often no. This trend seems to be mirrored by UMKC students too.

Developing . . .


  1. All "young" voters are liberal, UNTIL THEY START TO PAY TAXES. Free sounds good until the realization dawns that the "someone" who has to pay for the free stuff might just be "THEM".

    As a Trump supporter, I shudder to recall I voted for McGovern in '72.

    Liberals love to spend OTHER FEOPLE'S MONEY.

  2. Edit: (P)EOPLE'S

  3. ^^OK Boomer.

  4. ^^ OK Millinial.

  5. Us Millies have more LGBT members !! We are more diverse than you Geezers.

    1. You millennials also suck a lot of cock


  6. true dat, 11:37 -I remember even going out and campaigning for mcGovern --was a great way to meet Hippie Chicks.

  7. Boomers VOTE! We do not just stare at our phones and wonder why there is no App for democracy.

  8. One shudders to think what might have happened if McGovern had been elected! What would we have done with all that excess real estate where the Vietnam Memorial is if it had far fewer names of dead American boys to list?


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