Kansas City Bus Rerouting Hurt Riders

Smarter people than TKC have said over and over . . .

People don't want free buses, they want better service.

Here's proof that local politicos are failing to meet basic needs whilst desperately in search of headlines.


KCATA Seeks Input From Bus Riders As It Plans System Redesign That Could Affect 42 Routes

Waiting at a stop on Prospect Avenue and 31st Street, Terry Bradford, 71, has bad arthritis in his knees and it is hard for him to walk the couple blocks from his senior living center to the nearest bus stop.


  1. KC would be better eliminating bus routes which are not being used. Take the savings and provide the folks who are using these routes with Uber coupons.

  2. KCATA doesn't want feedback; KCATA wants people to complete a biased survey. No one wants free buses except for the politicians looking to complete a resume. The current and future riders want a better service.


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