Kansas City Budget 2020 Push & Pull Cont'd

The public and politicos fight over funding with very few people realizing how easily cash is shifted back and forth behind the scenes and by way of "emergency ordinance" and more bureaucratic tricks that news media struggle to report to a public that's more interested about gossip among frenemies on their phone.

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KCMO mayor proposes changes to 2020-21 city budget

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas proposed several changes to the city's fiscal year 2020-21 budget. In a memo sent to the city council on Friday, Lucas outlined the following proposed amendments: $75,000 from the Health Levy "for youth violence prevention to the Teens in Transition program."


  1. Proposed budget published (all 600 pages). 3 public meetings scheduled. Mayor Selfies submits revisions after the first public meeting. So does he submit revisions after each public meeting? The public meetings are a nightmare. 3 hours of "feedback"; none of which is related to the actual budget. 3 hours of grandstanding. Sick and tired of the "free lunch" advocates. Where do these people get the idea the city is responsible for providing housing?

  2. Byron Funkhouser3/1/20, 11:41 AM

    I told you he would just fall into being the Cheerleader in Chief. To be elected, & re-elected, a politician must get people to like him, but to be a real leader he must be willing to be hated, because he must be willing to say NO.

    The recall effort would begin immediately, plus a lot of lawsuits.

    This is why, in high school, "Civics" used to be called "Problems of Democracy". Though, I don't think they teach Civics, anymore.

  3. Sly James warned Kansas City about Quinton Lucas; yet people act surprised when he promises the world and delivers nothing.


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