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One of the most prolific faith bloggers in town shares insights and observation on the bible that oozed oil and the delicate balance betwixt belief and skepticism.

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How do people of faith sometimes get duped?

In many ways, religion is about the supernatural. About miracles. About unseen powers. That is both a strength and a weakness. It can lead to a sustainable faith that can get people through challenging times and can guide them toward...


  1. What garbage. Give it a rest. Some people are Democrats and some Republicans. Pretty simple.

    1. No, it depends on what kind of oil. Petroleum or CBD?

  2. Tony's Sunday Sermon

  3. The Big Two. Catholic church is very similar the Muslim church. Both control their obedient subjects through fear and guilt and other forms of mental torture.

  4. Allah sucks goat dick. All Muslims suck goat dick.

  5. Part of the "duping" is the result of people reading highly-partisan "faith" bloggers like Tammeus . . . who frequently tries to justify his political ideology by couching it in terms of spirituality.

  6. ^^^OK Boomer.

  7. 9:42 you’re a cunthole


    How do people of faith sometimes get duped?

    Through it all, of course, it's pretty clear that you can be deceived and get into other kinds of trouble if you don't ask questions and if you don't believe your lying eyes. Faith need not be irrational. And yet there comes a point at which people of faith simply have to decide to trust or leave. I am a person of faith, but in this Georgia case -- assuming I didn't have a journalistic reason to stick around -- I'd probably have left at the first word of a Bible that oozed healing oil. What about you?

    Please note how Tammeus claims that "I'd PROBABLY have left at the first word.." Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody else falls for the scams, but not me, Bill Tammeus!

    And yet, it is PRECISELY Bill Tammeus who has been falling for OBVIOUS scams for decades!
    Liberal politics? He fell for it.
    Global Warming/Climate Change? He fell for it.
    LGBTQ Normalization? He fell for it.
    A la carte Biblical interpretation? He fell for it.
    Kansas City Star knows how to run a business? He fell for it.
    Big Brother expansion of government? He fell for it.
    Planned Parenthood business of infanticide? He fell for it.

  9. I though old tired Bill said he was quitting blogging.
    Ego. So sad.


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