Kansas City Blogger Touts Resurgence Of Television Amid Coronavirus Crisis

A worthwhile media review from Kansas City's top entertainment scribe . . . Checkit:

The Big Winner in a Pandemic? TV Advertisers! Who Knew? | Michael Mackie

I get it, you're home and likely bored. Self-quarantining has that effect on people. What does the average, bored, under-inspired person do in times of crisis? Yup, you guessed it. People at watching more TV than ever right now. A whopping 60% more! 'Tis true.


  1. TV Advertisers still hope "the secret" doesn't ever get mentioned!

    What's "the secret"?

    Think back to the TV Ad you remember the best.
    Now try to remember what Product was being advertised.

    Those little 60-second TV shows are much more interesting and entertaining than the trite crap that surrounds them, but they don't succeed at getting you to buy crap.

  2. Grub Hub will deliver COVID19 right to your doorstep.

  3. Haven't watch a TV since 95.


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