Kansas City Biz Already Hurting From Coronavirus State Of Emergency Declaration

Bar owners and the weekend hype crowd don't really care bout anyone but themselves, accordingly, here's some tragic quotes and a lack concern for the community over profits. Checkit:

Local businesses starting to feel impact of coronavirus outbreak

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The impact of the coronavirus is felt in Kansas City, from hospitals to restaurants and stores. The virus caused the cancellation of the Big 12 Tournament , meaning fewer people to eat, shop and spend money to fuel the local economy.


  1. Never Fear. The Pentagon's most secretive military research department is developing a therapeutic "shield" that could provide a new way to boost American's immunity to Covid-19, reported DefenseOne.

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Pandemic Prevention Platform (PPP) is not in search of a vaccine against the fast-spreading virus that is now considered a pandemic, but rather is developing an advanced therapy that seeks to boost the immune system of people until an actual vaccine is developed. The result could prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by sick people.

  2. The super-rich are flying off to disaster bunkers

  3. The rest of us are left to see what conditions will be like under a Bernie presidency.

  4. I bet all those fast food workers wish they had real jobs right now

  5. Quentin "one-term" Lucas everybody.

  6. You lost, Jolie. Get over it.

  7. If you boost a immune system, you get the same response that killed people in 1918. Their lungs "overreacted". drowning them. In 1918 the elderly and those with poor immune systems almost always lived. The young died. I lost 3 great uncles in 1918.

    1. People you didnt know, unless you are 101 years old.

  8. Oh no, the professional beggars (waitresses) won't be getting paid.

    Waaahhhhh waaaaaaahhhhhhh sob sob

  9. I find it very interesting that the industry that feeds the fear is asking the industry impacted by it "How you doin?"


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