Kansas City Auto Show Hates Tesla

A repeat of last year's car dealer push back against the disruptive car tech.

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Dealership Association Excludes Tesla From Kansas City Auto Show

The Kansas City Auto Show, which had hundreds of new vehicles, excluded Tesla due to its sales model. Tesla allows buyers to buy directly from the manufacturer, and dealerships don't like that. Ellen McNamara with wanted to know why Tesla wasn't allowed to participate in the auto show, which could have led to the company landing a few sales.


  1. The Midwestern storekeeper mentality is an amazing thing.

  2. It should say big oil doesn’t want them at the car show, there, fixed it for you.

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  4. I'd rather be dead than Red or own a Nerd pussy car. The Rebel culture even. Listening to Wham and getting a little tat behind their ear.


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