Kansas City AIDS WALK 2020 Goes Digital

As critics and supporters of Prez Trump battle over the term "China virus" local leaders and activist continue their work to end stigma against victims of HIV/AIDS - A pandemic that the world has been living with for nearly four decades.

And so, here's an update on Kansas City leaders and fundraisers hoping rally the community for another good cause . . .

AIDS WALK Kansas City Goes Virtual

After much consideration, the board of the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City, (ASF), has made the decision to transform this year's AIDS WALK Kansas City, scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 25 at Theis Park, into a Virtual AIDS WALK. This effort will be heavily driven by electronic media such as videos, Facebook Live, email communications and more. This decision has been made in light of the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as KCMO Mayor Lucas's State of Emergency proclamation that no events or gatherings with 50 or more attendees will be allowed in Kansas City for the next eight weeks. And Monday, the White House released their Coronavirus Guidelines for all Americans asking to avoid social gatherings with 10 people or more.

We are deeply appreciative of the thousands of individuals, corporate partners, and organizations that have already supported the 32nd annual AIDS WALK Kansas City to this point. We look forward to continuing to work with our friends, families and neighbors through this Virtual AIDS WALK event and work together to fight against HIV/AIDS in Kansas City.

AIDS WALK leadership will continue to work closely with Team Captains, volunteers and corporate sponsors to ensure new ways to raise money and awareness in the local fight against AIDS. Although registered Walkers will not be able to participate in person on April 25th, "attendees" will participate through innovative AIDS WALK social media platforms and other communications. During the next several weeks, Walk Leadership will encourage fun and competitive new opportunities for fundraising as we work towards widening the giving circle to garner additional support.

If you have not had the opportunity to register for this year's Virtual AIDS WALK please do so today.

The AIDS Service Foundation wants to ensure that everyone has accurate information to ensure the safety and health of everyone. We encourage you to visit the link below for tips on staying healthy and actions to take if someone you know has been exposed to the virus.

Please know that in these uncertain times we are grateful for your continued support of AIDS WALK Kansas City and your commitment to bringing our city closer to an AIDS-Free generation.

For questions or more information, go to AIDSWalkKansasCity.org, email us at walk@aidswalkkansascity.org or give us at a call 816- 931-0959.

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  1. A big kerfuffle over what to call this thing is just another example of "blue smoke and mirrors" trying to divert attention from how badly the Government is handling it.

    If you want a better label, call it "The Fuck-Up Flu"!

  2. Should have been walking all along instead of getting buttfucked.

  3. 9:58 another butthurt dimwit heard from! Hahahahaha!

    Were you this mad when it took Barry a full year to get the swine flu under control? And let me remind you that there’s still no cure for that.

    Two months ago today we got news of the first case of the wuhan virus and they’re already talking about a possible cure, seems to me like that’s pretty fast but I’m a normal person that isn’t unhinged and scared like you are.

  4. Can the Chinese virus jump from butt to penis? I wonder?

  5. And yet, even if Obama was a total fuck up, that's no excuse for Trump's mishandling this "hoax," er, I mean crisis.

    We're tired of hearing how bad Obama was as a smokescreen for Trump's utter incompetence.

  6. Byron Funkhouser3/20/20, 12:34 PM


  7. For reference, the communities at greatest risk for HIV / AIDS are the black and Hispanic communities, not the LGBT community. The LGBT community continue to support the initiatives associated with HIV / AIDS but the communities with the greatest benefit are the black and Hispanic community. Enough with the fag bashing.

  8. Diversity Is Our Strength3/20/20, 3:24 PM

    Gay men, Blacks, and Hispanics are the majority of new cases of HIV infection. Prostitutes and IV drug users make up most of the rest. Sporting KC fans have also been found to be high risk. Just stay away from such people to ensure an HIV-free life.

  9. Byron was yes to 10:59 or 12:10?

  10. aids was so 3 weeks ago.


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