Friday, March 06, 2020

Kansas City 2020 New Hotness: Boozing Shawnee With Ride Share Tech Help

This bar review is trash . . . But it reminds us that the Inner suburbs are now more fun, safer and more accessible for Kansas City denizens with just a tiny bit of tech savvy and the ability to look faux rich like everybody else in Johnson County.

Consider . . .

Kansas City Bartenders Jill Cockson and Jay Sanders Team Up to Open Drastic Measures in Downtown Shawnee

Jill Cockson is a bartending whiz with a mind for math and a heart for hospitality who likes to think big and open small bars. She intends to apply the same successful "small is the new big" business model to next project, Drastic Measures, a cozy craft cocktail bar that she started working on late last year with plans to open mid-May in Old Shawnee, Kansas.

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