Kangaroos Guard Against Coronavirus

The city college isn't taking any chances against a worsening pandemic. Here's a quick peek at much needed local defense. Checkit:

UMKC cancels basketball game in Seattle because of 'coronavirus concerns'

UMKC said Wednesday its men's basketball team will not play its game at Seattle U on Saturday because of concerns related to the coronavirus. The university said the decision was made with student-athlete health and welfare as the top consideration."Kansas City Athletics is committed to the welfare and safety of our student-athletes," director of athletics Dr. Brandon Martin said.


  1. When does the announcement of postponing Royals Opening Day happen?

  2. I know you trolls on this blog are hoping that this virus gets brought to KC and "kills a bunch of UMKC Faggots" and "Let's hope it hits Mizzou and kills those d-bags." Maybe "it will kill a bunch of Royals and Chiefs fanboys", right? Maybe wipe out the "downtown hipsters"?

  3. ^^^ Maybe you need to shut it and think before you wish death on people? Not very "progressive" at all.

  4. The young hipsters, fanboys, and athletes will be fine.

    It's the geezers that are in trouble.

    That's not a wish, just the facts and the stats. But they can keep cheering Trump's hoax musings and go the rallies if they want. It's a semi-free country.

  5. TKC desperately needs to cull the herd on here. These geezers are getting long-in-the-tooth. The Corona virus could be the best thing to ever happen to this blog in a long while!

  6. You go Jazz.

  7. 6:19- The only thing anyone on this blog hopes, is that you get the Corona Virus, die from it and go away! Good luck douchebag!


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