Wednesday, March 11, 2020

K-State Expert Study Claims Coronavirus Economic Impact Could Make Steak Cheaper

Here's a rare, quick taste of good news for cowtown denizens who can spare a few bucks to enjoy a savory treat. Checkit:

The price of beef is about to plummet-thanks to coronavirus

As novel coronavirus infections officially reach pandemic levels, the social and economic consequences are piling up: huge events cancelled, the stock and oil markets tank, and fears of a recession coalesce. Here's one that may be surprising: Steak may be about to get a lot cheaper.


Don RIckles said...

What's this got to do with the price of rats in China?

Anonymous said...

I meant bats, bats damn it. Still hilarious though

Anonymous said...

^^^^ YES!

Respect on the Rickles reference!

Anonymous said...

This is a disaster!
If Pork Prices take a tumble as well, the Kardashians will be paupers!

Anonymous said...

Chinese will eat anything and kill us to do so. AKA Corona

Anonymous said...

^^Bye Boomer.