Monday, March 23, 2020

Johnson County COVID-19 Fatality Testimony

Powerful reaction to local tragedy as the numbers rise across the nation and the world . . . Read more:

Wife of 1st Johnson County resident to die due to COVID-19 shares his story

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dennis Wilson was the first Johnson County resident to die after contracting COVID-19. Wilson, 74, died Saturday, and his wife, Joanna Wilson, chronicled his health online. "The fight is over," Joanna wrote Saturday night in a Facebook post . "I am absolutely heartbroken!


Anonymous said...

Two weeks and counting. The number of cases is a fallacy. No test, no virus. The medical care systems will cease to function in four weeks.

Anonymous said...

He was old. He died. The end.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye boomer. Bye bye Boomer.

Anonymous said...

I hope to god 3:24 is the next to go.