Saturday, March 14, 2020

Johnson County Battery Charge Confronts Former Shawnee Mission School District Teacher After Alleged Kindergartner Kick

Shock video of this tragic case dominated headlines but here's more deets on the case . . . Checkit:

Former SMSD teacher charged with battery, accused of kicking a kindergartner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The former Shawnee Mission School District teacher accused of kicking a kindergartner has been charged in Johnson County. Crystal Smith, 54, was arrested Friday and booked on one count of battery, stemming from a Feb. 21, 2019, incident that was caught on camera in the school library at Bluejacket-Flint Elementary School in Shawnee.


Anonymous said...

Kick one little Kid, and everybody hates you!
Obviously an example of the American Patriarchy discriminating against a successful Woman and attempting to destroy her Career!

Anonymous said...


School staff who get their kicks by abusing children should be charged with a crime?


Anonymous said...

As punishment, she should be required to teach in the KCPS for a whole year.

Anonymous said...

White women behaving badly - mostly unabated. What else is new?

Anonymous said...

Another Fine Teacher that a week ago everyone was crying for. Some screw their students, some do drugs with and some beat them. Sorry, not all Teachers are great people. How much is she underpaid that she needs to beat kids ?

Anonymous said...

My Jr. High woodshop teacher in the SMSD used to paddle kids with a huge wood board weekly if their assignments were not done on time. The school knew and didnt care. That was 1975. Things have changed!