Monday, March 23, 2020

Jackson County 'Stay At Home' Order

Credit where it's due, the Exec has led the local metro in reacting to this crisis . . . Here's a glimpse at his recent remarks:

Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. Stay-at-Home Press Conference Remarks March 22, 2020

Good afternoon As chief elected officials for approximately 1.5 million people, together we represent two states, six counties, dozens of cities and hundreds of communities across the entire metro area. Each of those communities is as unique, diverse and beautiful as the people that call them home.


Anonymous said...

Frank White; the only man booed at the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade !

Thanks Frank for raising our property taxes 25% ! Douchebag !

You 25% property tax increase will really help everyone struggling to pay their bills due to the media's hysteria crashing the economy.

Thanks Democrat Party Nancy Pelosi and Dick(less) Schummer for voting against relief aid to Americans ! Another intentional kick to Americans and the economy by the Democrat Party.

Democrat Party screws over working America every chance they get.

Anonymous said...

I laughed while watching the announcement. To a person, each and every one of our esteemed leaders walked up to the podium and put their hands on it without disinfecting it between speakers, and they are telling us what to do?

Anonymous said...

Not disinfecting the lectern surface does not matter if people who touch it keep their hands off their faces and wash them asap.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt esteemed Senator Dick(less) Schummer washes his hands after wiping his ass and then touches the podium.

Schummer is against anyone working, and wiping his ass would require work on his part.

That traitor needs to shut his pie-hole. Two weeks ago, he advocates violence against U.S. Supreme Court Justices. He was more concerned about aborting babies two weeks ago than corona virus.

Yesterday, Pelosi and Schummer blocked financial relief to working Americans because in his sick mind that would make President Trump look good.

Anonymous said...

^^Thank God they did. They would not allow the Republicans to throw money away in secret with no transparency. Sorry pal, Americans saw this as both more than a money grab for special interests. They are the ones draining the swamp. Someone needs to stand up for the working man. Republicans have abdicated that role. Go get some new talking points from Faux News. Yours are played out.

Anonymous said...

Fuck him and his unconstitutional house arrest order.