Thursday, March 05, 2020

In Defense Of Creeper Former Guv Greitens After He Humiliated His Family, Fought With Missouri GOP And Betrayed Trust Of Voters

We're linking this after a few readers have sent this one my way . . . Don't get it twisted, we're not defending a sloppy prosecution that NEVER should have been a case. STL is a cesspool with leadership that should terrify KCMO against "local control" and social justice politics. But that doesn't make the antics of this disgraced politico any better.

And again and again . . . The Soros theory is GARBAGE. Anybody who REALLY knows Jeff City understands something simple:


Imagining the involvement of some far away billionaire is willfully naive, dangerous and a distraction for the plebs. The former Guv basically spit in the face of his Republican colleagues over and over and never learned a fundamental lesson in politics: FRIENDS can hurt people far more than enemies would ever dream imaginable.

As always, there isn't a good guy in this story no matter how hard the alt-right tries to look . . . Checkit:

Missouri case that toppled GOP governor boomerangs on Soros-backed prosecutor

Kimberly Gardner made history in 2016, roaring to an election victory as St. Louis city's first African-American chief prosecutor on a campaign funded heavily by the liberal mega-donor George Soros. Four years later, she finds herself under investigation and her chief investigator already indicted for a prosecution gone bad, one that forced Missouri's Republican governor to resign in what some now believe may have been a political attack.


Anonymous said...

Kimberly Gardner needs to burn in hell after spending 25 years in prison. Someone needs to send these swamp dwellers a message that they will not forget. Right now traitors like Lois Lerner, Andy McCabe, and more get no punishment.

At some point if these fucks dont get tried and go to jail, someone will interpret these acts as treasonous and employ 2A.

Anonymous said...


Eric Greitens proclaims that job stress and anxiety drove him to have an affair with his former hairdresser!!!

(aka the Bill Clinton defense)

Anonymous said...

^^ Terror threat from a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Greitens is a sleazy man.