Wednesday, March 18, 2020

If You Want A COVID-19 Social Distancing Friend, Get A Dog From The KC Pet Project

An EXCELLENT idea for a new pal during the coronavirus mandated lock down . . . Read more:

KC Pet Project seeks emergency foster families due to COVID-19 outbreak

KC Pet Project is urgently seeking emergency foster families and adopters to help keep pets safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. "As an open-intake municipal shelter, we must ensure lost pets can be reunited quickly with their families and that homeless pets from our community have an opportunity to find new families," said Teresa Johnson, president and CEO of KC Pet Project.


Anonymous said...


When the cat told my germophobe dog that there was virus all over the floor, he decided to shelter in place!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont feel sorry for the pitbulls. Not at all. Take one home temporarily to help out? Not a chance.