Friday, March 20, 2020

Here's How Kansas City COVID-19 Crackdowns Will Be Enforced

EXCEPTIONAL report offers more deets than any other news outlet on HOW this town will enforce the new Coronavirus rules. Read more:

Kansas City to use health inspectors, fire marshal to enforce COVID-19 restrictions

Kansas City, MO - Kansas City city officials aren't kidding around when it comes to enforcing social distancing as the world fights off the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor Quinton Lucas ordered all restaurants to close their dining rooms to customers, mandated the shutdown of schools and banned all gatherings with more than 10 people.


Muthas in Charge said...

Hoodrats could help the City if, anytime they drove by a group of ten or more, they would open fire!
Dis be yo chanct to show your Civic Pride and Take Responsibility!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the koloreds are extremely scared of the Kung fu flu so dey be stayin indoors till this is over