Saturday, March 21, 2020

Harvesters Works To Confront Increased Need For Kansas City Food Assistance

There's already a great demand. Real the full story and not just the headline, local donations are rolling in quickly and the organization is confident in its ability to rise to the occasion . . . Read more:

Harvesters food network staying strong despite massive influx of food shortages amid coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Harvesters has received some huge monetary donations this week from Kansas City Chiefs players and Royals Co-Owner Eric Stonestreet. The food bank is going to need every penny in the challenging weeks ahead. Lines at free food distribution sites are long in Kansas City with no end to the hunger crisis in site.


Anonymous said...

Harvesters is great but just make sure you keep the Hyde Parkers out who are exploiting free food meant for people who don't have the means to buy it. They know who they are.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Hate to insult the intelligence of a few people, but the demand for free stuff will always exceed the supply.