Sunday, March 08, 2020

Harsh Times For Hy-Vee

They recently cut down 24 hour service, confront layoffs and now they're scaling back their operation . . . Meanwhile, disgruntled employees are undertaking an online smear campaign. Checkit:

Hy-Vee to Close Online Fulfillment Centers

The West Des Moines, Iowa-based grocery chain will permanently discontinue filling orders at its four Aisles Online fulfillment centers the week of March 23, the retailer disclosed Friday.


Anonymous said...

Shop Hy Hand-Job. Where there’s a helpful hand job in every aisle.

Anonymous said...

Something has changed with the Hy-Vee chain. They don't carry name brands and replace whole shelves with Hy-Vee brands. We've stopped getting our groceries there after several decades. They've also cut back on personnel to save money. We are switching to Price Chopper and Sun Fresh.

Anonymous said...

Where are those famous online smear campaigns? Links please!