Saturday, March 21, 2020

Government Meetings Continue Without Public Participation Amid COVID-19

From a local site and a look at how municipalities don't really require voter consent under emergency orders:

Virus concerns lead to 'public' meetings without public

First, Oklahoma lawmakers excluded the public from the Capitol because of coronavirus concerns. Then with the public gone, lawmakers made an emergency change to the state's open-meetings law to let all governmental entities meet via video or teleconference, so long as people can watch or listen remotely.Across the U.S., numerous governors, lawmakers, mayors and county officials have made similar decisions to keep the public away from public meetings - all for the sake of public health.


Grip Madlock said...

How Convenient.

Anonymous said...

So the Republican Party has begun its coup d'├ętat now?

Retro ROCKER said...

It's Both parties. I stated this would happen many moons ago .And you're taxes will continue to go sky high, this is designed to extract you're wealth. Look what you Have paid in taxes over the last dozens of years. That money could have been in your emergency fund for the many disasters,we will continue to have.