Thursday, March 12, 2020


A look at JoCo leading new local cases of the virus and working to provide treatment and public notice . . . Read more:

3 new cases of coronavirus tested positive in Johnson County, Kansas health officials say

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: TOPEKA, Kan. - Three new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Johnson County, health officials stated on March 12. This brings the total cases in Kansas and in the metro to four.


Anonymous said...

Wow. 4 cases.
Start passing out the ampules of cyanide for everyone.

Anonymous said...

We previously passed out the Kool aid for 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Those China and Europe travel "bans" really kept us safe.

When does the Florida ban start?

Anonymous said...

We need a golden ghetto ban to keep the rats out.

Anonymous said...

If there are 3, there are 300.

Best health care system in the world, amIright.

Anonymous said...

Damn Chinese, can’t quit eating bats can they