Fiddly Fig Busts Out Of Brookside

Interesting info from this blog offers a glimpse at the end of an era and a local institution finding a new home far away from this middle-classs enclave . . . Read more:

Fiddly Fig Closing in Brookside, Moving to South KC

For the past 25 years, The Fiddly Fig has been a fixture in Brookside, located at 22 W 63rd St. This historic brick building was a police/fire station back in the early days of our neighborhood. Owner Sheryl White and her father purchased the building in an auction in 1995 and have been there every...


  1. Great. Don't have to put up with some bitchy attitudes in there. Especially the gay young guy that obviously hates straight people. Talk about an ISM.

  2. Who gives a Fiddly Fig!

  3. There's going to be a lot more businesses than that closing very soon.


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