Fact Check: Kansas City Still A Dump

Another look at a continued dilemma for locals hoping to confront litter bugs blighting their community. Checkit:

As trash piles up for years, south KC neighbors lose patience with one man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Propane tanks, tires and mattresses: That's the view for people living near what once was a pristine wooded area in South Kansas City. Neighbors near E. 60th Terrace and Blue Ridge Cutoff said it's obvious that it's another neighbor on their same street who's responsible for the mess, but they haven't [...]


  1. Cool! That may be one of the only times a news department's "Problem Solvers" were more than "Problem Pointer-outers". Lol on the inept City sending violation notices to an invalid address but Fox4 found the guy in Lee's Summit. Not lol is taking these neighbors' tax money while paying lip service to their plight.

  2. Then People bitch about HOA's. Sad that you HOA's even have to exist. Even worse that anyone is so damn dumb to pick up their own. No basic Pride.

  3. The neighbors should really be worried about the mentioned homeless camp too. This landlord knows more about what is happening on his property.

  4. It’s a shithole in the shithole ghetto. What else is new? Don’t bother with cleaning it up.

  5. ^^And yet here you are everyday. Silly little bitch. Weird.


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