Embattled Kansas City 9ine Ultra Lounge Redux With MASSIVE Security Upgrade

The cost of doing biz just skyrocketed for this club owner as the uptick in local violence makes local nightlife a lot less fun. Take a look:

9ine Ultra Lounge set to reopen after January shooting

A Kansas City nightclub is reopening after a deadly shooting in January. A man opened fire outside the 9ine Ultra Lounge following the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC Championship game. One woman was killed and several other people were hurt."It was a dream that became a nightmare," owner Alphonso Hodge said.The shooting happened during a party celebrating the Chiefs' win.


  1. No amount of security can stop a crazy jack ass with a gun. In fact the existing security shot the last nut dead about as soon as can be reasonably expected.

  2. Why would anyone feel "safer" going to a bar and being surrounded with amateurs carrying guns?
    Some real mistaken identity and crossfire tragedies waiting to happen.
    And why is it that ONLY bars like this particular one need to be crawling with "security"?

  3. It’s a ghetto thug hangout, no amount of security is gonna have enough fire power to equal what the mentally deranged koloreds carry around

  4. just in time for another superbowl party


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