El Bryan Jokes Democratic Party & The Veep

Not even local is a Biden Backer and Kansas City's VERY BEST POLITICAL CARTOONIST has a laugh at the expense of the bittersweet victory of pragmatic politics last night:

retorts illustrated by bryan stalder

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  1. There is no Bernie Revolution. With apologies to Andrew Yang: Do The Math! His numbers are WORSE than in 2016. There is no tsunami of youth votes. Perhaps if there were an app for democracy, they might bother, but...

    It is NOT that Bernie's proposals are so out there. Heck, I might go farther on taxes. But he is a flawed messenger -- stubborn, uncompromising, unwilling to even join the Party he wants to lead. Unable to say: Castro improved public education and health care in Cuba BUT was a murderous thug who killed his political opponents and destroyed the Cuban middle class! How hard is that TRUTH to say? It is as if he WANTS to lose Florida.

    The Beatles said it best: "You say you want a Revolution? Well, we all want to change the world.... But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow."


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