Downtown Kansas City Homeless Shelter Cash Struggle Legacy Remembered

More deets on hard times and funding priorities or lack thereof . . .

The Head Of Kansas City's Emergency Shelter Says It's 'Always Lacked Appropriate Funding'

Kansas City's 90-bed emergency homeless shelter will close in early April if it cannot raise $1 million, according to its CEO. Stephanie Boyer said that sum would not keep reStart open forever, and would not reinstate the agency's unique, comprehensive support services for residents, which would require millions of dollars more.


  1. Good intentions are meaningless without a good business plan. Good money after bad if the initiative cannot be sustained.

  2. Damage control from a failed CEO.

  3. I once saw a woman walk out of there in broad daylight, hike up her dress on the corner and squat. I drove off before I could tell if she was going to pee or poop on the sidewalk. Or both. The Ironworkers hall had there doors locked most of the day because of that place.

  4. Teachers are overpaid whose students graduate and still need to take classes in community college about "how to use the library." Spoiled skanks.

  5. ^^OK Boomer. Just because they failed you..four times...that' no reason to be so bitter. are the reason you failed.


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