Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Does Mayor Quinton Lucas Look A Little Worried About Coronavirus?!?!

Concern is appropriate but I'm not sure if this screen cap inspires confidence. Here's the latest and a sketchy note THAT THE BIG 12 IS STILL ON DESPITE CONCERN FOR PLAYERS:

Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas talks coronavirus preparedness

KANSAS CITY, mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas speaks to media regarding coronavirus preparedness in the city. He met with city department leaders earlier today to discuss how each department is preparing.


Anonymous said...

CON(a)virus Alert...deadly virus preys on citizens bank accounts. Place of origin KCMO water department.

Wash hands thoroughly after handling envelope and your bill.

Anonymous said...

Social Media Dumb Down Preparedness

greg said...

Why worry. The WHO just announced the death rate is only 3.5%. It more dangerous to drive a car!

Anonymous said...

3 meals away from anarchy. Not a good thing in the 5th most dangerous shithole.

Anonymous said...

Then 3.5% of fans AND the previous players will die

Anonymous said...

Does Mayor Quinton Lucas Look A Little Worried About Coronavirus?!?!


Does A Certain Local Blogger Only Want To Fearmonger?


Greedo said...

Do the hater show up to smell the farts daily?


I guess that beats having an original idea.

Anonymous said...

So what's it like kissing Botello Butt every day, Greezo? How's it taste? Good?

It must, given your propensity to kiss it.

Anonymous said...

What? He, worry? Killa Shitty should be concerned with that horrible CORRUPT-A-VIRUS! You know...growing potholes--crap trash services--tax schemes wrecking dreams--cash grabs for cronies--KCPS fail--blighty blocks--murder momentum--moneypit party districts--and MORE.