The latest from KCMO's most prolific petitioner:

Ta-da! Fightin Clay's petition to recall misbehavin elected officials gets quick results.

* Days after I announced a recall petition protesting Mayor Lucas' and Councilwoman Shields' refusal to honor the November election result of the "Save the Paseo" petition, the City began taking down the MLK signs.

* Days after I announced a recall petition protesting Mayor Lucas' and Councilwoman Shields' refusal to (also) honor a City Clerk - "certified" "Green Transit" petition (voters mandated be placed before citywide voters), I received a phone call from the Missouri Attorney General's "Public Corruption" office. An Attorney there informed me they were opening an investigation of the City's bad faith refusal to respect the will of the KCMO voters who signed the petition.

#1 Moral of the story: KCMO elected officials who do not respect valid public petitions will be held accountable.

#2 Moral of the story: When elected officials violate the public trust (in KC or DC), "Fightin Clay will go get em"!

For the record: Because I harbor no (personal) ill will toward either elected official, and because the recall petition made its point, I will contact the City Clerk today and inform her to cancel preparing the recall petition against Mayor Quinton Lucas and Councilwoman Shields. Thus, I officially withdraw the recall petition.

Long live Kansas City's democratic petition process - the ultimate power of the people.

Moderate Republican Congressional Candidate, Clay Chastain

Developing . . .


  1. It takes outsiders like Clay, Tracy, Dave and maybe Chuck since I'm not sure where he lives too get things done and forced to happen.

    To you trolling jerks and your you don't live here vile comments I didn't see you filing any petitions to make anything happen like Clay did. Clay is a winner and you hateful trolls are losers.

  2. Clay is a gadfly and a nitwit. Ask the good folks in Fayetteville AR.

  3. Also, the Sun came up today - thank you for that too, Clay!


  4. This is GREAT NEWS! Clay's hard work and persistence is going to pay off BIG!

    Clay is anything but a gadfly, I guess some people just want to live with the corruption in KC. The only gadfly I know of is the idiot in Central Hyde Park who was trying to help others with their tax hikes and actually knows nothing about it. She and her husband can't even afford to throw piss out of a window.

  5. Clay is a piece of shit who hasn't done anything for Kansas City.

    IF he was so concerned, he would move back here.

  6. ^^He will be here full time shortly then what will you have to bitch about?

  7. @1:58, no he won't. He may tell that to a few of his followers, but he ain't comin' back here. No chance. I doubt he's even been to the City since before his attempt at running for mayor. I don't think he did a single public event. Don't get me wrong, he had/has some good ideas, but as soon as he started pandering as a Republican in order to gain traction against the KCMO ruling party, I tuned him out. He is a progressive green candidate with some libertarian leanings. He isn't in any way a Republican, moderate or conservative. He would use the gov to push his mass transit agenda, just doesn't like it when other progressives use the gov purse to push "their" transit agenda. I'm pretty sure he's just pissed he can't put his name on that massive spending project Sly James Memorial Airport.

  8. ^^^I just tuned you out as well since you can't back a single point you made

  9. ^^^^ and yet he did. Weird.

  10. ^^^^No he didn't you retard. Not Weird.

  11. ^^ Ok Boomer.

  12. Chastain is running as a Republican.
    He used to be a Democrat, but they told him to go to Hell!
    Hell wouldn't have him, so he did what all Devil's Rejects do, and became a Republican.

  13. Why don't you clay hater take a rest all you can do is b**** and make fun of clay Chastain and the little him and you haven't done a damn thing for this city all you can do whine and complain a b**** from your arm chair as you a drinking a beer. If you complain so much why dont you get up and do a petition and trying to do something for this city for once.

  14. At least Clay Chastain actually DID something and called out City Council members for not doing their jobs. How many times has this been done? Now that Clay got the Council's attention, maybe they will do their jobs correctly for a change and quit stonewalling Kansas City's citizens.


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