Thursday, March 05, 2020

City Hall Saves reStart Homeless Shelter For Now But Cruel Downtown Kansas City Developers Encourage Close

Here's important follow-up and a reminder that DEVELOPERS DON'T CARE ABOUT HELPING LOCALS DOWN ON THEIR LUCK.

The advocacy for this shelter is important and a MUST READ but let's go one step further . . . What's off-the-record and behind the scenes is the push to move resources for the less fortunate away from the loop.

Take a look:

City Hall Declines To Provide Immediate Aid To reStart

A Kansas City Council committee on Wednesday declined to consider an emergency cash infusion for a struggling downtown homeless shelter, with the chairwoman saying she is awaiting financial figures she requested two years ago. "We need to know what their plan is moving forward," Councilwoman Katheryn Shields, who chairs the Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee, said of reStart Inc.s homeless shelter.


Anonymous said...

73 year old Katheryn Shields

Anonymous said...

How can you f up a homeless shelter that has been around since 1981?

Why hasn't the leadership given the financial data? New CEO has questions to answer.

Don from Parkville said...

More importantly how does the headline say that the city saves it but the article linked says the city declined to save it....

Phil Cardarella said...

Perhaps ReSTART might consider mentioning to the City what it plans to do with the money, rather than just asking for the funds.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Did Stephanie think she would just get a jillion dollars with no plan?

Anonymous said...

Kansas City has more than enough money pits. I thank Katheryn Shields for being the heavy and requesting accountability on the part of the organization. Too many entitled individuals in KC. There is not money for all these good deeds. Sorry. I am not going to let my family starve so your family doesn't starve.

Anonymous said...

Why should these folks actually have to have a plan to spend city tax money BEFORE they request it?
None of these other endless list of fake nonprofit grifter organizations do.
The general "plan" is to spend the money until it's all gone.
Then ask for more.
Accountability for results?
You have to be kidding.