Cancelled Spring Break Hopes To Prevent Kansas City Students From Contracting Coronavirus And So Many Other Social Diseases Rampant Among Party People

TKC suggests watching SPRING BREAKERS again given that this year's fun is cancelled. Checkit:

Students Across Kansas City Are Devastated By Trips Canceled Because Of Coronavirus

Shawnee Mission East High School senior Ben Blickhan was supposed to be traveling across Europe as part of a trip his school choir has been planning for a year and a half. Then COVID-19 happened. Schools across the metro, like Shawnee Mission East, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and Foreign Language Academy, have canceled school trips out of health concerns.


  1. Poor little devastated things.
    I am starting a Go-Fund-Me page to buy Kleenex to dry their tears.


  2. Screw the entitle bastards.

    There are kids who don't have enough to eat.

  3. I went to Shawnee Mission East in the early 1970's. Students didn't travel abroad back then to my knowledge. What also didn't happen in the 3 years I went to Shawnee Mission East was me eating any lunch. There were many bullies just picking out kids to torment every chance they could get. If you went to the lunch room they would be gazing gazing the whole room to find you. stare at you like a psycopath, not taking their eyes off you as they walked over the beat you up with their friends there to hold you. So no lunch for 3 years and no teachers even cared. School texts books grabbed and thrown out the open classroom windows as soon as a teacher turned her back. Could drive a car to school as it would get scratched and kicked by bullies. But thankfully things have changed and if I ever see the bullies in person again they will get paid back 10,000x for their bad deeds. Years ago I ruined a few of their marriages by getting their wives to believe they were having affairs, it wasnt hard as these guys were known rebels. Be careful how you treat people -they have the rest of their lives to get even with you in as many ways. shapes and methods as they choose! Shawnee Mission East....not such a great school


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