Saturday, March 14, 2020

Assurance After Johnson County Community College COVID-19 Confirmation

Officials attempt to calm students and administrators as schools shut down in this community and across the nation. Read more:

Coronavirus patient with Johnson County college connection doesn't put entire school at risk, official says

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- A woman in Johnson County tests postive for COVID-19. She's in her 50's and associated with the 18,000+ person Johnson County Community College. As of Saturday afternoon, there are now eight confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

"doesn't put entire school at risk, official says"

Add this to the famous last words archives.

Anonymous said...

President Trump:
COVID-19 Coronavirus
U.S. cases: 1,329
U.S. deaths: 47
Panic level: Mass hysteria

President Obama:
H1N1 Virus
U.S. cases: 34 MILLION
U.S. deaths: 12,469
Panic level: Totally chill

Do you all see how the media can manipulate your life? So easy

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh. Bye bye Boomer. Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

^^^ life is hard;

It’s even harder when you’re stupid.

Anonymous said...

^^^Dont worry Boomer, it’s also short for you and those like you now. Tick tock. Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

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He is 80 or so.
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Trump 2020.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to ask this rhetorical question, but how stupid are you???

10:34 posted the same wrong data on multiple threads

U.S. cases: 1,329 - Nope 2,951
U.S. deaths: 47 - Nope 59

More importantly, those numbers reflect 8 weeks of virus activity since the first US case was found on January 21. You compare those numbers at the very beginning of an epidemic to a full year of H1N1? Logic isn't a strong point with this one.

I trust you will keep these numbers updated as Trump's inept response leads to many, many more deaths. If you are still around to post. After all, it's only about 100x more deadly than the flu, based on your numbers.

Anonymous said...

^^^ hey dummy, the cdc is the official word on coronavirus not cnn (communist news network) or msdnc, those numbers that he’s been posting are their official numbers listed on their website, you’re an idiot. Time to grow up and act like a man, not some scared little child with a beard and skinny jeans.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Here you go dipshit. Live updates.

Anonymous said...

Trump is directing the CDC to under report case numbers.

He likes the numbers where they're at. He's excellent at cover-ups.

Anonymous said...

4:19 so you get your information from a liberal college huh? Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You must get your information from Faux News. Good luck with that.

John Hopkins is only considered the founding institution of modern American medicine. It's ranked 2nd in medical research nationally, only behind the Harvard. But who needs all that fancy liberal book learnin', right?

Go read the CDC disclaimers on their site about why their official numbers lag in reporting. Their director also told Congress last week that they have no mechanism to even communicate with all local labs and have no idea from day to day what the numbers are. CDC also has a statement online telling readers to use local health organization numbers over theirs due to gaps in their reporting.

BTW, Drudgereport links to John Hopkins too.

Idiot deniers. At least they won't be around us much longer.