Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Alt-Right In Attack Mode For Kris Kobach

To be fair, he's also the preferred candidate of the Kansas Democratic Party given that they have an effective playbook on how to beat him written by a moderate granny who humiliated the politico in his last contest . . . Checkit:

To bolster Kobach campaign for Senate, Club for Growth targets rival Marshall in ads

The Republican primary for the Kansas Senate seat has become uglier as Kris Kobach has emerged as the front-runner to succeed retiring Sen. Pat Roberts. The conservative Club for Growth has mounted a new advertising campaign attacking rival candidate Rep. Roger Marshall over his alleged poor treatment of female patients as a doctor.


Anonymous said...

The Democrats need every Senate Seat they can pick up when they take
over the Presidency and both Houses of Congress this November!

Anonymous said...

Run, Kris, run. With Peter Thiel's money and Ann Coulter's soothing rhetoric, who needs votes?