Saturday, March 07, 2020


Right now Kansas City's most prolific petitioner shares his perspective on the local discourse that is dominated by a small clique of talkers funded by patrons or fading corporate dinosaurs . . . Check Clay speaking out against the process and the skewed view of local politics that it provides:

Clay: Kansas City's Nobles are controlling the local news you need to know.

The "Noblis Oblige" are supposed to act honorably and generously to others. But in Kansas City, are some of the local elite doing so? Are they instead controlling not only our government and media, but also the people's interest for their own advantage? Are your water bills going up?

How much free speech is allowed in KC has become a function of how much one challenges the local establishment. When petitions step too much on the establishment's toes, suppression of the truth (and those bearing the truth) ensues. Like they've done the Star, the Nobles have now infected local public television with their power grab. Clay and other establishment-challenging citizens have been banished. The Nobles (who help fund KCPT 19) thought it "a disaster" when Tony Botello last appeared on a KCPT. The Nobles lean on the media to treat the people like mushrooms - keep them in the dark and feed them manure. Consequently, KCPT is continually loaded up with the usual establishment-filtered MSM type guests like... Dave Helling, Steve Kraske and Colleen Nelson of the Star. No local grassroots activists or bloggers, that could challenge the Nobles' mismanagement and misplanning of our City, are allowed. Diito for "Ruckus", the public show that doesn't want to have a real ruckus.
The Nobles don't want Clay's "Green Transit" petition competing with their novelty streetcar ambitions so City Hall is blocking a vote and and much of the press is ignoring this crime and its violation of a Missouri Supreme Court ruling. Petitions, transparency and open public debate have become the Democratic casualties of Government & Media..... by Nobility.

We may still be essentially free in this country, but that freedom is becoming increasingly undermined by a wealthy ruling class who not only try to control everything, but have also abandoned their obligation to act for the common good of all.

Moderate Republican Candidate for Congress, Clay Chastain.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

There's a bright side that Clay is overlooking. Very few people watch those shows nowadays and they have even more limited influence over the decisions at city hall.

Anonymous said...

He's not wrong.

On the upside, watching any show featuring staffers from the KC Star is a inexpensive alternative to sleeping pills.

On the downside, the few seconds you'll be able to stay awake will result in the loss of a substantial number of brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah A moderate Republican opponent of the ruling class!
Bullshit, Clay has chosen sides in an intra-class squabble. But except for his lie that he's not a servant it's a good thing for ruling class factions to rip into each other.

Anonymous said...

"Nobles" don't fund KCPT.
Jews fund KCPT.

chuck said...

"...Clay and other establishment-challenging citizens have been banished. The Nobles (who help fund KCPT 19) thought it "a disaster" when Tony Botello last appeared on a KCPT. The Nobles lean on the media to treat the people like mushrooms - keep them in the dark and feed them manure..."


Imagine the viewership that would increase by an order of magnitude if TKC was allowed on TV. People would be glued to their TV's to watch every minute.

This was a costly decision. Fuck the eyeballs, the powers that be, can't afford to risk hearing the truth, or, anything that runs counter to the agenda of the local "Narrative Engineers".

Anonymous said...

The medias job has always been to control what people think.

Anonymous said...

Clay needs to SHUT his mouth. He doesn't even live here.

Anonymous said...


The consensus media opinion is that Clay Chastain is some part-time KCMO resident rabble-rouser.
In fact, Chastain is an educated, engaged, even stubborn supporter for the causes that he believes in. Is that a bad thing?
Well, it's a bad thing for politicians, power players, and their media allies who thrive best in an atmosphere of public ignorance, apathy, and cynicism.

Chastain is a KCMO property owner, while media folks like Helling, Kraske, Shanin, and Haines are not (all KS residents). Even Mayor Selfie-Q doesn't own a residence in KCMO!

To my knowledge, Chastain pays his taxes on-time, unlike former Mayor Sylvester who was ineligible to run for re-election until hiring a local power player attorney to represent him in court. And the attorney was paid with campaign contributions.

Has Chastain lobbied for TIF, CID, blight designation, property tax abatement, sales tax exemption, etc., involving projects that would personally enrich himself? I don't think so.

Congressman Carwash committed federal loan fraud in a scheme purportedly involving the purchase of a Grandview Carwash, while diverting funds to his initial Congressional race. He still hasn't paid the money back. Then there was the Green Impact Zone boondoggle of millions wasted; squandering taxpayer dollars on a plastic saxophone for the Jazz Museum; Flush Creek; Emmanuel Cleaver Blvd (oh the humility!); overseeing decades of homicide violence; nepotism on steroids; serving as Nancy Pelosi's houseboy; and now endorsing Joe "Alzheimer's" Biden to lead our nation.

MO's 5th Congressional District: It would be difficult to do worse, but you can do better!!!

Anonymous said...

8:21 doesn't live here either and won't even prove if they do. While Clay does own property same as Super Dave and have a right to say what they want about how the city is operated.

Any person who pays an earnings tax in Kansas City has a right to speak up about how the money they pay into the city is used.

So 8:21 take your tired old bullshit comment and SIUYA and then STFU.

Mo Rage said...

Dear God, what will it take for this old fool to go away?

Mo Rage said...

Besides letting racists post here, Tone, now you're letting anti-Semites post, too. See 7:54 above.


Anonymous said...

Mo Rage, "Noticing" that Jews run Hollywood, Banking and dominate many, many business' is not anti-Semitic. So far, at least until now, it is ok to "Notice" things and not go to jail.

No doubt, if Progs get their way, that will change.

Anonymous said...

"...when Tony Botello last appeared on a KCPT..." he came off like an intoxicated idiot, Clay.

Anonymous said...

12:25 is Clay. And he doesn't live here. Although Byron does, and you pretend he doesn't, while you pretend Clay does, although he doesn't. hahaha hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

12:25 is TRIGGERED!😂😂😂