Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Abandoned & Blighted Kansas City Grocery Store Finally Flattened Amid Court Fight

A small piece of Southeast KC history is now rubble and the only thing left is some hefty legal bills and continued hard feelings. Here's the latest:

Former south Kansas City Save A Lot grocery store demolished

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Demolition on a former grocery store that had been plagued by rodents, looters and squatters in south Kansas City began early Tuesday morning. Only 41 Action News was at the site when the demolition began at the former Save A Lot grocery store at East 85th Street and Holmes Road.


Anonymous said...

Liberal neighborhood equals Failed Blight.

Anonymous said...

tore down the evidence.....

Anonymous said...

Imagine the smell.

Anonymous said...

I fondly remember when it was Milgram’s.
Great store! Janie helped advertise!

True story:

One day a guy named Artie went there in 1975 or so. He dropped a dollar bill and two old ladies went to get it first. The three got in a fight and the guy strangled both women.

The Star almost won a Pulitzer for their headline:

“Artichokes 2 for 1 dollar at Milgram’s”.