Working Against Culture Of Addiction In Kansas City Service Industry

Really great info here on the fight against an uncomfortable fact: Server life in Kansas City almost always involves confronting the pressure to engage in constant partying.

Even worse, some the more devious employers use cheap booze and other "readily available substances" as a way lure and retain workers. Local party places and entire entertainment districts are infamous for this tactic that has ruined more than a few promising lives.

Here's the first step toward recovery for this community:

Ben's Friends opens KC chapter of sobriety support for the service industry

When three kids died in the period of one week from working a food and wine festival, the South Carolina food and beverage industry knew that they needed to do something. Charleston-based restaurateurs Steve Palmer and Mickey Bakst took the first steps.


  1. The perfect environment for coronavirus. Better clean up your act first.

  2. local persecuted waitress2/8/20, 8:28 PM

    Waaaahhh!! Waaahhhh!

    I make a living begging for tips while working 4 hours a night and I just can't stop with the drinking,


  3. Awful ironic how the next article down from this one is how to get a job selling legal weed...


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