Friday, February 28, 2020

Will Salvy Stay Winning?!?!

A hopeful bit of news on the heart of the team and one of Kansas City's favorite baseball stars. Checkit:

Royals' Pérez catches for 1st time since Tommy John surgery

SURPRISE, Ariz. (AP) - Salvador Pérez was back behind the plate for the first time since Tommy John surgery. The six-time All-Star caught the first four innings of the Kansas City Royals' 3-1 loss to a San Francisco split squad on Friday. "I was super-excited to be back behind the home plate," Pérez said.


Anonymous said...

Who cares baseball is a gay sport, along with soccer!!

Anonymous said...

^^^You care cocksucker. You cared enough to post. Now go find that dick you so very clearly need!

MDSF said...

......GO SALVY!!!!!2020!!!
......remember The Mantis!!!!