Monday, February 03, 2020

Westport Trash Fire Burns Amid Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Celebration

Photo essay and sociological study of Midtown Kansas City refusing to play by anybody else's rules . . . Take a look at something that looks more fun, interesting and real compared to all of the other entertainment district hype:

Westport had the wildest Super Bowl celebration and we have the photos to prove it

Last night, there were parties everywhere in Kansas City. Footage of Power & Light District garnered national attention, downtown's Main Street was a parking lot of honking cars and burning rubber and fireworks littered the skies (and could be seen on weather radars).


Anonymous said...

I wondered about Westport was like, the news didn't show at at all. The best was Channel 9 who sent a white reporter to report from the Epicurean Club. It was hilarious. They must trying to get that guy to quit.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, stop being b*tches.

Anonymous said...

Just KCMO's neanderthal offspring celebrating in Wastedport

Anonymous said...

^^Go hide under your bed then boomer.