Friday, February 07, 2020

Westport Restaurant Game Tougher Than Ever For Litany Of New Contenders

Most of the chains flop within a year, this place has endured for decades . . . Take a look at their latest upgrade:

In Its New Kansas City Location, Jerusalem Cafe Continues to Serve Up Its Beloved Mediterranean Comforts

For 30 years, Kansas Citians have enjoyed Mediterranean cuisine at Jeruselum Cafe in Westport. The favored establishment serves comfort food with flavors from afar, like pita bread as soft as a blanket, hummus with warming spices and chicken and kofta kabobs reminiscent of a backyard barbecue.


Anonymous said...

The font of their new signage is enough to keep me away

Anonymous said...

Still don't have anything on the menu as good as Aladdin on 39th Street.

Anonymous said...

@9:51-Thank God! Stick to Bob Evans please! We don't your geriatric ass coming down to all the cool places and fucking everything up! I'm sure they'll miss your $4.99 monthly ticket.

Anonymous said...

Chimpster! So jealous. Tired of bananas? Lol