Victims Advocate For Right To Sue Catholic Church In Kansas For Old School Abuse

Easier paywall to sneak past offers a glimpse at the ongoing controversy targeting The Church and it's funds. Read more:

'I kept my story quiet.' They were abused as children, but will Kansas let them sue?

Child sex abuse victims want Kansas to lift the state's limit on civil lawsuits. One detailed how her father sexually abused her decades ago. Another recalled a priest fondling him as a teenager. And yet another remembered walking directly back to class after a priest raped her in the fourth grade.


  1. I was abused by an uncle when I was 5 years old. I have or had no desire to sue him as it wouldn't erase what he did to me. I believe too many of these who come out years later are trying to take something that was bad in their past and turn it into a payday. Seems to be a common theme now days and that's sue someone to cash in on your own failures.

    As for my uncle, he's dead now and that is good for society. Saying ten years later he did such and such to me would have not probably done much good either in a court of law to convict him.

    Now as an adult looking back and him maybe sitting in jail wouldn't have seemed like a fair deal to me. Public castration would to me have been a fitting punishment for the crime he committed. But we all know punishment like that will never be allowed even if it is the fitting punishment for the crime.

    Suing someone 20 or so years later is never the answer and never solves a thing. When I got into my late teens and knew what had happened was horribly wrong, I was mature enough then to see that opening up and going after the one who hurt me would have killed my grandmother. She didn't raise a pervert he was just a sick fuck, but her having to deal with what happened and by who would have destroyed someone who I loved very much and who had greatly loved me in return.

    Being allowed to sue someone 20 or so years later is not the answer and will never be the solution to the problem.

  2. Why people keep donating is beyond me . The money must all go to lawyers.

  3. @ 10:39 People donate because they still believe there is a greater good in religion. That is their right and you express your right to hate if you want, it won't change people. The good faithful priests, the greatest majority of total priests, in the catholic church have endured the LGBTQ community war/wrath against them and you are legion among them. I agree with the person posting the long message above that suing an organization because of suspected deep pockets just to build yourself up doesn't work. Look at SNAP, they sue and they win and they just keep coming back for more because as members of LGBTQ they are just never satisfied. But then we the faithful know where God will send them in the end, and you can't sue God!

  4. Byron Funkhouser2/16/20, 11:40 AM

    "But then we the faithful know where God will send them in the end, and you can't sue God!"

    Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Christian Hater.

    They say while in heaven, you will be able to see the souls in hell being tortured. Doesn't that sound like fun? Absolutely heavenly.

  5. ^^Then we will all be looking at you in hell fool.

  6. Relying on "Recovered Memories?"

  7. The issue with the Catholic Church is they call Jesus Christ a bald faced LIAR. They dispute Jesus's claim that he died ONCE on the cross as a sacrifice to forgive all mankind's sins. The Catholic Church says Jesus didn't get the job done at all. That Jesus's death doesn't forgive the sins of mankind. You have to DO MORE- therefore you will go to purgatory when you die - and the good works of your remaining friends and relatives, who buy candles, holds masses for you, pay money to the church, attend each service and pray to Mary - well thats how you get to heaven. The Catholic church also claims to crucify Jesus during each communion and turn the wafers and wine into his body and blood. The nerve of those priests claiming they are crucifying Jesus again - up to 200,000 times a day worldwide - because Christ didnt get the job done when he was here on earth. The Catholic Church is purpetuating a LIE.

  8. I knew a girl that got raped by a priest and she was then pregnant. He made he get an abortion and he forgave her for the abortion. When her parents found out they still went to the same church and everything. How messed up is that?


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