U.S. 71 Reigns Supreme As Kansas City's Most Dangerous Local Highway

Monday reminder to approach this road with caution. Checkit:

KCPD officer involved in crash near 39th Street, U.S. 71

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, police officer was involved in a crash with another vehicle near 39th Street and U.S. 71 Monday afternoon. The crash happened just after 4 p.m. Two people were hurt in the crash, though their injuries did not appear to be serious, according to police.


  1. What’s new, they wreck at least three cars a week.

  2. 155 a day travel between Gregory and 63rd with expired tags

  3. Thanks Cleaver. The blood is on your hands.

  4. In fact Interstate 70 is much more dangerous in terms of fatalities and injury accidents.

    Therefore, another Fabulous TKC Unsubstantiated Claim goes by the wayside. Buh-bye

  5. But then again, it was pure genius to put stop lights on a hiway

  6. The impact Clever had on this city is tragic.
    His logic for the stop signs on 71 Highway was that the east side area would benefit and would develop. The development on the east side since 71 highway? Zero.
    Clever was also essential in the $120 million flushing of city money into the 18th and Vine district. In addition, Clever was behind the renaming effort to the Paseo to MLK.
    Trump's best campaign commercial would be to shine light on Clever and his mismanagement of this city.

  7. @10:44, its similar to jury nullification. Blacks will vote black regardless of any facts even if those facts negatively impact their way of life.

  8. I-70 is literally hundreds of miles long. 71 is basically 70 blocks of the most inconvenient and dangerous road in missouri. If 71 did stretch as long as I-70 there'd be 20 people dying every fucking day. It should have been I-49 when we had the chance. Maybe we can still do it?


  9. How about somebody with authority and ability close/gate off Gregory, 51st and 55st from 7-9 and 4-6 still allows for 63rd street access and egress as well as 53rd North and South. Let the traffic flow smoothly during peek hours.... This has gone on long enough No one is cutting off access to neighborhoods. Add a pedestrian bridge at Gregory save a life.....probably takes a politician who is worth a fuck to get it done...Com On...!!


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