Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Truman Tell-All Book Debuts

A few secrets promise regarding this legendary local family who helped shaped the world we live in today by way of hard work and, maybe, war crimes.

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Truman Family Secrets

In 1903 a popular father of four shot and killed himself in a bathroom of his Independence home. The shock of the gaslight-era tragedy would resonate for decades, devastating his widow and rendering her a recluse for nearly 50 years.


Anonymous said...

I bet Harry didn’t eat a lot of sushi like all the FANCY hipsters do now.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet so are you! Weird.

Anonymous said...


1) Twice used nuclear weapons on Japanese civilian population.

2) Created the state of Israel by seizing land from people that had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust, precipitating future decades of conflict and war.

3) Got his start as a corruptible politician beholden to organized crime.

4) One hundred years ago, roads in Jackson County were so bad that Truman constantly worried about getting a flat while driving on them. Some things never change!!!

Anonymous said...

Truman was best friends with a local murderer - Pendergast. Birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

And yet there hasn't been a Republican fit to shine Truman's shoes since Teddy Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

And yet there wasn't a Republican Politician fit to shine Truman's shoes in the last Century or in this one, except for Teddy Roosevelt.

Don from Parkville said...

Tony, your tired attempt at generating controversy by calling Harry Truman a War Criminal is getting old. General Order 11 apparently was just a bad picnic plan to you. There is a very touching description of Wallace's suicide in David McCullough's biography of Harry Truman.

Don from Parkville said...

From the article you referenced….. President Truman had no good choices before him. He drops the bomb, hundreds of thousands of innocent people are killed. He doesn’t drop the bomb, hundreds of thousands of innocent people are killed. The only difference is if he drops the bomb, the war finally ends. If he doesn’t, the war on the Pacific front could have continued for years.

I take it you do read what you post.