Tribute To Kansas City Dude Killed Shooting Off Homemade Fireworks After Chiefs Win

We really like this personal and neighborhood take from KCTV5 . . . It's a compliment to our discussion about the dude and a more complete representation of this bittersweet moment in time . . . Take a look:

Neighbors remember man killed by firework following Super Bowl

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Sadly, last night's celebration did result in one death where a Kansas City man was killed by fireworks. KCTV5's Greg Payne spoke to the man's neighbor in the 9800 block of Richmond Ave, where the incident happened. There was a lot of emotion on the street.


  1. Real danger is when a helmet won't help.

  2. The Truth KCTV5 Doesn't Report2/3/20, 7:23 PM

    Ahhhh so they loved a man who it appears was breaking the law not just last night but in the past as well. Only in Kansas City is the felon element loved.

    You think they would have still loved him if his improper handling of fireworks had burned a house down or he took a couple of neighborhood kids with him as he checked out on smart living?

    No these same fools would have been screaming at KCPD for not stopping such activity that appears happened off and on at this location.


  3. Real danger is when someone builds a homemade firework, and for what. A ballgame? He couldn't just go out and yell or honk his horn? What was he thinking? I feel bad for the guy but really!

  4. If they still sold cherry bombs and M-80s there would be a lot fewer homemade fireworks.

    Que the "okay boomer".

  5. If he had had kids already he would be eligible for a Darwin award. Oh well.

  6. When you do stupid things you win stupid prizes.

  7. Guess the guy didn't get the memo from Grandview explosion 2yrs ago about illegal fireworks could be harmful to your health.

  8. .......Hey! Watch This!......KA-BOOM!
    ....The next sound you hear is......the door slamming shut and the ambulance slowly drives away, no lights, no siren, no reason.....


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