Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Local labor ruckus report, a stern letter and continued slap fighting across the State Line. Read more:

Waste Management threatens to dump Unified Government over contract dispute

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Waste Management is threatening to pull its service from Kansas City, Kansas, accusing the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, of defaulting on its contract. Waste Management sent a letter Feb. 21 to the Unified Government, saying it will terminate the contract on March 22 unless the UG addresses the company's complaints.


Anonymous said...

Its just plain dangerous for anyone to work over there. Even in waste disposal. 30 years ago you would never think of robbing a trash worker. Now they are prime targets in the "DOTTE".

Kansas Scout said...

Here in Mission, we no longer have Waste Management. I have not seen many tears over this.

Anonymous said...

The Unified Government has been working with Waste Management to resolve service issues for more than two years under a contract that expires in 2032.
The Unified Government desires to resolve our service issues and differences with Waste Management to ensure all UG customers receive consistent and timely trash and recycling collection.
In fact, the Unified Government has taken a number of steps to address Waste Management’s concerns in order to improve and maintain collection services, including:
• Approved route changes to balance and improve service
• Adjusted payments annually based on community growth
• Provided direct 311 phoneline access to Waste Management to facilitate complaint resolution
• Witheld funds under the contract to remedy recurring, systemic missed trash and recycling collections

The Unified Government remains committed to working with Waste Management to ensure our residents receive the service they pay for and deserve. The Unified Government is committed to ensuring that service is not interrupted by any contract dispute with Waste Management.

CONTACT: Dave Reno, Interim Public Information Officer
Office: 913.573.5307

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^Now that was a joke from Dave Reno who only released the lie he was told to.