Tony's Kansas City Power Move Of The Week: Joe's BBQ Flexes On Lapsed Catholics

A Lenten Fish Fry is an opportunity to build community and share fellowship with members of many local Catholic parishes.

OR . . . This local BBQ joint who swagger jacked their name from TKC sells some very expensive fishy offerings to lazy and bad Catholics who still haven't managed to unlearn everything the nuns literally beat them over the head with . . . Enjoy:

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que makes sure you can still get your BBQ fix during Lent

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que wants to make sure you can still enjoy barbecue during Lent.Every Friday until Easter, Joe's is offering a meatless version of their popular Z-Man and a soft-shell crab po'boy.The Z-Man features the plant-based Impossible Burger on a toasted Kaiser bun, Joe's BBQ sauce, provolone cheese and two onion rings.Joe's po'boy is a hoagie bun filled with deep-fried soft-shell crab meat.And if you're hungry for meat, don't worry, there's plenty of that still on the menu!


  1. Whats Lent?

  2. Ask your Dad or your Priest. Same difference.

  3. Joe's fucking sucks, that isn't real BBQ. It's BBQ for those to lazy to cook up some real BBQ.

  4. Lent is a unbiblical pagan tradition started by Nimrod's wife who fasted to try and raise her son from the dead. When the Roman Catholic church became the official Roman empire religion in 313ad, the pagan religions were forced to merge into the catholic church, by emperor constantine, who won a war based on placing crosses on his army's shield, thus Lent was made part of the church. its unbiblical and is not in the bible or ever discussed by Christ. Its fake gobbly goop.


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