TKC Warning: Kansas City Artists Working on Gentrifying More Urban Neighborhoods

Subtitle: The hipsters want to push minorities, poor white people and seniors out of their homes and smile whilst they're doing it.

Posted with snark because LOCALS SHOULDN'T BUY THIS STARVING ARTIST GARBAGE PROPAGANDA. When healthy looking youthful folks dressed in shabby chic coming knocking . . . Make sure they pay FULL PRICE AND MORE when they ask to cut a deal in hopes of garnering dirt cheap property for flipping.

Here's "public" radio cheering their pals and targeting people lower down the food chain:

No Longer Able To Afford The Crossroads, Kansas City Artists Once Again Pioneer New Neighborhoods

Kansas City's relatively new problem of affordable housing is also squeezing artists out of studios. That's especially noticeable in the Crossroads Arts District, which was a mostly abandoned area south of downtown when artists began to establish galleries and studios there in the mid-1980s.


  1. In other words, they don’t have the money to keep up with the Jones’s, they got priced out and can’t afford to maintain their property.

    The koloreds and homeless are gonna love them at 13th and agnes! Hahahahaha!

  2. ^^^ You mean Mexicans. Thats who lives at 13th and Agnes.

  3. ^^^ you mean the Mexicans that own businesses in that industrial area, those Mexicans?

  4. Low rent "job", low rent "rent". Nothing new under the sun.

  5. Good for them. Strawberry Hill and Minnesota Ave are ripe for the picking too.


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