We talked about this last month and ACTUALLY it was our reader community that offered the PRICE SPIKE PREVIEW that this report confirms . . .

KCUR: Jackson County Property Owners Can Expect More Reassessment Problems, Including Another Tax Hike

KSHB: Troy Schulte: Jackson County assessments could skyrocket again in 2021

Money line:

New County Administrator Troy Schulte laid out a litany of problems suggesting that it might not be fully cleaned up for years.

Taxpayers will need to brace themselves for another rocky reassessment in 2021 and perhaps beyond, Schulte said, explainig that county data points toward big assessment hikes in eight county neighborhoods:

- 95th and State Line
- Ward Parkway
- Brookside
- 49-63 Neighborhood
- South KC
- Martin City
- Lake Tapawingo
- Waldo

Schulte told legislators on Monday that property owners in those eight areas can expect "significantly higher assessed valuations in 2021." He said that means hikes of 10% to 15% in assessed value. Schulte suggested taxpayers might want to start planning now for those big hikes by doing their own assessments.

Developing . . .


  1. Time to recall Frank White NOW.

  2. Vote NO on the fire sales tax increase.

  3. Wherever Troy Boy goes, taxes increase while services deteriorate.
    Next up?
    The county jail project.
    Can't be surprised that the property assessments keep rising!


  4. Hell yes property owners are going to get another tax hike when idiots are coming in and they are paying 400 and 500K for 1600 and 1700 square ft. with apartment buildings next door shared driveways and a one car garage. In other words people are over paying again for houses. The higher the price the more tax, it's simple.

  5. ^^^^ +100

  6. The republicans in Jeff City need to cap property taxes.

  7. You rubes have to pay for Troy's salary.

  8. 7:52 you’re onto something there, if people are stupid enough to pay five times what a house is worth then your damn right the county is going to raise their taxes, in a sense these idiots have caused this problem so they deserve what they get. The sad thing is the government way is to punish everyone instead of going after the high priced neighborhoods. They opened Pandora’s box and now everyone has to pay.

    One get one when you can get them all.

  9. Yet, these issues just don’t happen in Johnson County, KS.

  10. Absolutely ridiculous. If Frank White is committed to raising property taxes outrageously year after year, then maybe Frank White doesn't need to be in office anymore. The case for him as a competent legislator is nil. He clearly doesn't know what he's doing. And what's even worse is that he is committed to making the same mistake again. We've got a choice here either pay through the nose or get him out of office.

  11. 9:02, then you better start filling your piggy bank because Frank’s not going anywhere. People in JaCoMo and KCMO are quick to bitch about his performance (and rightly so), but they won’t actually do anything about it.

  12. Shithead Schulte is the new big wig and he is working with this new hire to fuck everyone over again. Frank is just window dressing and Beatty isn't even technically employed anymore as her contract ran out but they are keeping her anyway. Enjoy getting fucked.

    Jan 23, 2020 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County, Missouri, named a new deputy director to its Assessment Department on Thursday, officials said.

    Maureen Monaghan was named to the position, in which she'll oversee the reassessment process.

    Monaghan worked for the State Tax Commission for more than a decade. There, she played a role in "ensuring uniform and equitable assessment of all taxable, tangible property in the state" as legal counsel, the county said in a news release.

  13. Troy's nickname should be "Ben Dover!"

  14. Not that difficult. The assessments are based on the value of the home; and if the value of the home increases so should the assessment. Unfortunately, Jackson county hasn't done its job and the assessments haven't increased in proportion with the value. As with elsewhere in the world, if the assessment isn't to your liking sell the home and move.

  15. THANKS 6:12AM FOR MINIMIZING THE STRUGGLES OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVED IN THIS CITY FOR DECADES. IF WE DONT LIKE IT... Sounds like a line from somebody who isn’t born/bred in this town. We own this town and fund it. Why don’t you leave but you probably don’t own shit.

  16. how in the hell does he expect the seniors who are retired and living on social security going to pay for another surprise some of us been in waldo for 48 years and cant afford to move so where do we cut back on utilities food or house payments

  17. In one sense this is an attack on poor people, the only part of this I agree with is the part the kkk dummocucks are trying to run the blacks out of town, I can totally agree with that part.

  18. You are paying for the pensions. The County knows there is a downturn in the economy coming. And inflation. There going to suck as much out of us as they can. The only thing the government cares about you is getting your money. Remember The world is one GREAT HOAX.

  19. There will be less money for the local economy .And Business will feel it. If you are debt slaves and tax slaves. You will have less money to spend. That is the NEW WORLD ORDER .

  20. Can we please get get last years' property tax F--- up fixed before even thinking about this years'? I submitted an informal appeal but still have not heard anything. Yes, I paid them, but under protest. Does anyone know if they are putting the money paid under protest into a separate account? Frank better get his new job lined up because he has really screwed everyone this time. Incompetent !!!

  21. You can blame Democrats for this mess. They corruptly run Jackson County.

  22. 6:34, you've been in the same neighborhood for 48 years and still have house payments? It's likely you have made some very bad financial decisions along the way. Don't expect everybody else to bail you out from those.

    1. They never said they had a house payment. They still have to pay for property taxes and home insurance though. That has nothing to do with poor financial decisions.

  23. No problem. Everyone just needs to raise their own salaries.

  24. How do we stop this? Seriously asking. If people can organize for MLK streets, surely we can organize to stop them from charging us a lot more

  25. BestustowninAmerica2/7/20, 10:46 AM

    Boy, the sidewalks and streets are looking great! Love those bike lanes! Just know I will cream when I get to fly out of MLK airport! Should extend Toy Train from pending downtown stadium to airport. This town is really going places.


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