Wednesday, February 05, 2020


An important comment, insight and perspective that contradicts so much complaint MSM coverage . . .

How not to do a parade

In 1970 the players and coaches were in individual vehicles…easily identifiable.

Today it was good luck figuring out who is whom.

Oh, the Jackson County Legislature had a big banner. The Kansas City Council had a big banner.

The Jackson County Sports Authority had a big banner. The Chiefs staff had a big banner.

No ID for the players. They were grouped by position on buses…but no labels there either.

Some of the secondary players even got off their bus, which was totally cool, and worked the crowd. But, most of us only see helmets and numbers…

Next time…individual vehicles, wearing their jerseys, and their own banner on the side.

The people identified had the least to do with the victory.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Every deadbeat in the city was on the stage all seeking their time in front of the camera. Not a single one of them had a damn thing to do with winning jack shit. No instead they make it so we all are losing our shit by taxing us to death.

Tracy Thomas said...

KSHB had the list, and did an excellent job of identifying who was on which bus, who was walking, etc. They streamed it as well, so IF you had cell service you could have listened to that even if you were there.

13 live location feeds, extraordinary official coverage, great zoom lenses.

Frank White was there because a. the county is paying for half of it and b. he naively thinks he will run again and win.

The mayor was there because the city is paying for the other half of it.

Anonymous said...

Parsons, White, Lucas...they all sucked the life out of what should have been a team/fan celebration. It was freezing cold out there and those pompous, camera hogging asshats popped out of sheltered areas to prolong the discomfort of people there to see the team and ONLY the team. What a crop of celebration poaching queens.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that bitch Davids didn't get to speak.

Hyperblogal said...

KSHB had a list. How wonderful. Not useful. Busses full of people who had nothing to do with the victory. The only people who should be in that parade are the ones who played and earned the victory....names and jerseys. Trying to stream on your phone while watching the parade is just BS. Horribly mishandled. Again, 1970 was staged much better. They certainly had all the sponsor names on the busses...just not players.

Anonymous said...

Was the Slumlord Puppet Lady there?

Hey Dumbass said...

It apparently takes a village to entertain Hyperblogal/6:23. Tho he would have been satisfied with four Ubers.

Not the owners?
Not the coaches and Andy's wife?

And 1970 was NOT staged "much better", because the best players all missed it, so they could play in that AllStar game, the weekend after. Trying to get better jobs, dumb ass. Len Dawson was paid $16,000 a year as QB.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if that car chase may have been staged to make the KCPD look like they actually give a shit these days?

Anonymous said...

6:47 you weren't here so how would you know?

Anonymous said...

Endless face time and speeches by every D-list politico and wannabee in Jackson County and KCMO.
Over-the-top hype on local TV for hours before and after the parade.
Typically inappropriate behavior by Chiefs' players.
Amateurish boring parade with everyone trying way too hard to make believe they were having a great time.
Bring back the Mike Murphy downtown cattle drive.
Something that KCMO can actually handle.

Anonymous said...

Note to all politicians: Fans Do Not Want to See YOU speak a Super Bowl or World Series event.

Anonymous said...

Great. The Geezer Patrol chimes in on how great 1970 was.

Fucking die already.

Anonymous said...

10:18 What a shallow low life prick you are, encouraging someone to die. You should be ashamed.

Learning, wisdom, etc. is achieved over time. Obviously you have no life experience and are unwilling to learn from others. Arrogance of youth or worse. Geezerhood is in your future if stupidity doesn't take you out first.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Frank White ! If he even thinks we voters are going to forget how he screwed us, he's wrong ! He'd better try to start lining up another gig because his days are numbered in this county.